The Boys In Brasil

Will has sent in some tour results:

A joint Cowboys-Autonomos team lost 4-8 to Los Hermanos De Pele under dimly-lit floodlights on Monday.

On the Copa
The hottest spot south of Havana
Football and passion were always the fashion
On the Copa
The Cowboys won
(4-1 against the Rio Punx in a beach football match)

Punky’s report goes something like this:

well easton cowboys/girls made the pilgrimage to the maracana to see brasiliann cup quarter finals 2nd leg – fluminese v corinthians – we were in the away end in crowd of approx 65000. awesome atmosphere and great result for corinthians although ronaldo was shit.

preceding this was 2 great victories for cowboys on the copacabana – firstly beating rio punx 4-1 , and then beating a corinthians supporters group , i cannot recollect score but shall update you .

contact has been made with another team for future trips , red machine i believe. everyone played well – jock described as a warrior! more friendships made and all round top trip to rio ( and we survived the journey there and back with the driver who had some odd driving techniques to say the least)

day off today then on saturday there is a game against los fanaticos.

see you all soon next week when i shall bore and regale you with many tales.

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