Catches Win Matches


The Cowgirls lost to The Beer Factory 1-20.


The Glorious Thirds won their second game of the season beating Keynsham 3rd Team by 5 Wickets in 32.1 overs. On a very wet, windy day we won the toss and decided to bowl.  They say that catches win matches and so it was proved. Dunc took a stunning catch on the boundry before taking two more gooduns, Gary took a great low catch square of the wicket, The Webgimp took a high one that stayed in the air swirling in the wind for 3 hours and Grech caught one behind the stumps. And if all this amazing catching was not enough there were run outs as well, Garner threw down the stumps from about 3 miles away and Jeff palmed a throw into the stumps for a second run out. Keynsham all out for 128 in 38.4 overs with Gary bowling 6.4- 1-16-4 and Garner bowling 8-1-18-2. The Cowboys got the runs in difficult wet conditions with Ev getting 35 and Gary getting 56.


Both cricket games were rained off.

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