Cross Dressing & Prizes

Pagey reports that:

I will be cross-dressing every monday and thursday between 1 and 7pm during the month of May. Gradually dragging myself toward looking like Priscilla Queen of the Desert by the last Bank Holiday of the month.

All donations gratefully receive.

What Ian missed out of the email he sent is that he is doing it in aid of saving retiered greyhounds.

The winners of the cricket raffle are as follows:

  • DC1 –  £10 HMV voucher or £10 cash
  • Footballer Dom  – 3 bottles of Ev’s da’s rhubarb schnapps
  • Wayne –  home made cake-mmmm
  • Kaz  –  Freddie Flintoff’s autobiography
  • Molly –  carved wooden mushroom
  • Lynne – hula skirt etc.
  • Jess – Marcus Tres’s autobiography
  • Andy the brickie – bottle vodka
  • Chris the Brewer – meal for 2 at Maitreya
  • Eddie’s Amy – BoGoF meal at Easton Thali, don’t tell Eddie, and she can take someone else
  • Steve O –  Mikey the barman’s cranio-sacral treatment!

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  1. The return of Peachy! I don’t know if my poor heart will take it…

    Put me down for a tenner. For the dogs, not Peachy’s amorous advances.

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