Netball News

On the 9th May both teams play their last game, the A team are looking likely to get promoted again and the B team are looking to win another match hopefully!

But more importantly we have organised a ‘CAKE OFF’ at the plough on Sunday to raise money for the Brasilian street children project. Yes, we have gone all womens institute on you and netballers city wide will be baking fresh cakes to sell in the plough on Sunday 3rd may. There will be a competiton to see which cake is the best and we have judges on hand to taste the wares. Who needs a waistline? EAT CAKE, PLAY SPORT.


  1. Well the cake off was a success! Only 1 cake got dropped (outside the plough) and the grand total of £104 was raised for them kiddies. Well done to Mare for baking the winning entry (expertly judged by Jacke, Tiny, Ru and Guy) and to Dorian for winning it. NICE x

  2. Don’t forget the vegans! We buy and eat cakes too!

    Mmm, caaaaake.

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