There Is Only So Much Footballing Joy To Go Around

This Sunday the Veteran Old Stars (Old Farts, Casuals or whatever the hell they are called) won the 2nd Division of the Bristol Casual League, thus gaining promotion to the top flight.”There is no such thing as an easy game” said man of the match Paul Cupis who put four past Stroudies in the 11 – 0 (yes, eleven to nil) annihilation. Molly also put four past a team who were described as a “good side”.

The Casuals now have a cup semi-final to look forwards to against Easton Monday on Sunday May 3rd at AXA kick-off 10:30am. On that same day the Sunday Team will be playing Hanham FC in the Final of the Sid Rumins Cup at Manor Farm FC (On the Portway) kick-off 3pm. So, why not make a double cup day of it and support both teams before going to The Plough to see Geoffrey Oi!Cott.

If both of these cups are won and the Saturday B Team and the Sunday Team win their leagues it will be 5 dollops of footballing joy for the 2008-2009 season.


  1. Maddog has obviously played at such a high standard that the Stroudies paled into insignificance.
    For the first 15/20 mins they had a shout missing 3 good opportunities. We played very well, closing them down to deny any of their footballing talent to manifest itself.
    We have not played that well since xmas and finished our chances well.
    It’s good to perceive the game from a positive point of view clarifying the good points about our team rather than the quality of the opposition. You can start to get a real grip on where you are in the team and where we are as a team.
    If we compared ourselves to Man Utd we are shit. They had some good players and we had a good game against them last season.
    We got promoted last year, are champions this year and are in the semi of the cup.
    The more you put in the more you get out.
    Roll on the first division

  2. whoever described the stoudies as a good side has no concept of the game of football. They were possibly the worst team i have played against in my 25 year career.

  3. Congratulations to Old Stars with a great win!

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