Cricket Starts With A Wimper

The Cricket Team played a friendly against Frenchay on Sunday.

Ev reports:

Neil went off with the book before we could look at it last night but this is what I remember: They got 202 for 8 from 45 overs ( I got 3, dean and Wilko got 2, can’t remember the rest). We got approx 160 for 9 from 45. (Wilko top scored, Chris batted for ages, Rob T hit a few 4’s, Angelo played and missed 30 times). man of the match – Wilko, Cider moment – Ben Salt being caught on the boundary and walking off unaware it was a no-ball.

Neil added the followinf: Frenchay 202-8 Beat Cowboys 150-8, Wilki 48, C Hunt 38, Evan 3-29.

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