Cricket Update

The Cricket calendar has changed a little bit, here are the updates:

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April – Frenchay Ground Force Day, when all good Cricketers go to Frenchay and help get the ground ready for the new season.

Tuesday 14th April – Outdoor nets start at Bristol West Indies.

Saturday 18th April – A friendly against Frenchay.

Saturday 25th April – A friendly against the footballers followed by a fundraiser at The Plough.

Sunday 26th April – The 2nd Teams’ first league match.

Saturday 2nd May – The 3rd Teams’ first league match.

Sunday 3rd May – The 1st Teams’ first league match and also the Geoffrey Oi!Cotts will be performing somewhere in Bristol (venue to be decided).

Monday 4th May – A friendly against the Oi!Cotts’ cricket team, check out their MySpace Page.

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