A Good Week All Round


The Cowgirls won 15-7 against Calloway Ladies.


The Saturday A Team beat Lawes Juniors 2-1

The Saturday B Team drew 0- with Ashely Res.

The Avon Netball Association are shit and still have not had any results on their website since 31st January. However, I happen to know that the 1st team won and remain top of the division and the 2nd team lost but were not thrashed.

The Basketball Team lost a play off game 23-34 against Tubes.


The Casual Casuals Won their 1st ever game 3-1 against Windmill Hill Irregulars.

The Sunday Team beat Fellowship 5-1.

The Casuals beat somebody by a lot of goals as per. Boys against men init. Well old men against old men actually but our old men are far more manly than the other old men.

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