Full Club BGM

The Full Club BGM will be held on Monday 16th March in Hawks Gym at 7:30pm. This is one of those rare occations on which all of the teams can get together and tell each other how much they love each other.

Remember for the meeting to be bonafide all of the following groups must have at leat one reprasentative there: men’s football, women’s football, netball, basketball, cricket & legends/supporters. Also there must be (I think) a minimum of 15 people there, so all sections of the club should try and get as many people to the meeting as possible.

Items on the agenda include the end of winter-season awards do, tours and tournaments, money etc. On the subject of money, if any of the teams wish to put in a request for monies from the Club funds they should do so at this meeting because the next meeting is not until September.

If you have any other items for the agenda contact Jess O (Beloved Chair).

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