The Webgimp’s Christmas Message

Well done to The Casuals (Veteran All Stars) for organising the Christmas Party. It was great to see all that facial hair in The Plough, The Webgimp got a little over excited in the same way that a peahen entering a room full of people fanning themselves might. Thanks go to Paul McCoch, Who’s Afear’d and The Surin’ Turnips for the entertainment, Angelo et al. for the cocktail bar and to the DJs for deeing and jaying. Also, a big thank you to those who were left behind – the bar – despit the large throbbing multitude there never seemed to be much of a wait to get served.

I am sorry that the results are late this week but The Webgimp has just emerged from running a rather bad fever, fever all though the night. It was a bit of a miserable weekend though, with Cowboys’ teams being knocked out of two cup competitions.


The Cowgirls Lost to Red Thunder 3-7.


Saturday A drew 1-1 with Cotswool in the league.

Saturday B lost 1-2 against Sneyd Park B in the all Saints Cup.


The Sundays drew 1-1 with DKL Sports but ultimately lost 3-5 on penalties in the GFA Cup.

If you have the flu you have my sympathy. If you have not had it yet you also have my sympathy, because you will get it eventually.

The next Peashooter is out on Monday 5th January. If you have anything to go in it contact The Webgimp.

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