Fantasy Football League Table & Report

League Table

Team Name Manager Pts
Ceeu next Tuesday Willy S 414
Paul C 411.5
Easton Orient Chas 409
Zurdos Zoe 385
Philfys Army Phil G 384.5
Your Mum Jess 368.5
Maestro Munters Marcus 364
RAF Roger 360.5
Jack in the box Jack Daniells 356
Team Gwatch Plym 356
Wilfred’s Wonderboys Wilf 356
Shit-Heads Ash Sands 353.5
The Smith’s Paul Smith 353.5
Sad Puppies Steve N 344
The Puppies Khaled 341
Shoot the Gaffer David O 336
Dom’s Deviants Dom 327
Owen’s Testices Phil A 327
Dave Owen’s Groin Rich 326
Donkey Dicks Steve W 324.5
The Dandy Crackers Kev 318.5
FC Cunty Charlie 315.5
Jack Offs Jack K 303
Oni City Dixon 299.5
Wayne’s Tigers Wayne 293
Red Robbo Dave M 275
Knight Riders Knighty 273.5
Left foot first Nick D 267
Jacob Allsort Nige W 256
Aggro-Negro Sportif Ruth 255.5
The Green Knight Aruna 247
Wiley’s All Stars JW 229
Mr Nice Malcolm 226
Knee Bother Jock 157

Most popular Transfer IN

Dixon (4)

Most popular Transfer OUT


Top Players

Player Name Position Total Pts
Ash Sands A 164
Will Sanzo D 146
Kevin Davis D 136.5
Dixon M 122.5
Paul Smith D 121.5

Easton Cowboys Saturday Reserves

Fantasy Football Standings as at 5th December 2008

This month’s Fantasy Football review looks at some of the Fantasy Fanatics who can’t help reaching into their pockets and shedding out a golden nugget and asks was it really worth it?

Rafa Benitez “tinker-man” trophy

At number ONE: Paul Cupis. It took Paul 4 games to make his first change and bring Dixon in instead of me. A wise choice one might say, but 4 games later Dixon was told to sling his hook and once again the Gaffa was scouring the transfer market. On hearing that a left back with continental quiff was all the rage Paul was and still is the only the second the manager in the league to put faith in the Bournemouth tosser.

Transfer Gain: ~55pts

At number TWO: David Owen. Yep yours truly. Subbed Jesse out when he was talking rubbish and complaining about running the line every week – put Charlie in for a while; then subbed Charlie out when he had too many late nights dancing – put Jesse back in. Simple. Pretty much like the real thing.

Transfer Gain: ~ 18 pts

At number THREE: Aruna. Another one who swapped the paint-the-town-red can’t possibly play football with a hang-over, dancing Ronaldinho Sutcliffe and brought in the ever reliable Mr. Sanzo. At minus 9 pts it was also high-time Ben was taken out of the team and the up and coming Jesse Tate brought in.

Transfer Gain: ~ 168.5 pts – if you did it at the start of the season.

Pundit’s Top Transfer Tips

Last month Ben and Adam featured as my top transfer tips for anyone looking to make moves up the table. Well, I hope none of you listened to me – because Adam has just announced his retirement to New Zealand, and with minus 9 points Ben is currently bottom of the player table – below people who have not even played a game.

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