Some Results (a bit late, sorry)


The Cowgirls lost to Bristol United 3-4. This match concluded the ‘summer league’. The Cowgirls finished 6th out of 8: played 14, won 6, lost 8, for 91, against 81, points 18. The winter league has now begun.


The Saturday A Team lost 1-2 to Ashley.

The Saturday B Team drew 1-1 with Ashley Res.

The Basketball Team lost 9-33 to orbital event though they had Paul from FC Vova playing for them.

Netball 1 drew 34-34 with Novers 2.

Netball 2 lost 9-26 with Bristol & West 2


The Sundays lost 2-4 to Lebeq Tavern Courage Reserves even though they had Paul from FC Vova watching them.


The Easton Cowgirls had a walk over against Bristol Panthers and so won 10-0. Hurray, at least one win this week then.

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  1. unlucky weekend for most of teams. hope next time will be better 😉 cheer!

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