Fantasy B Team Update


  1. Easton Orient, Chas, 311pts
  2. No Name, Paul C, 301pts
  3. Cee u next Tuesday, Willy S, 299.5pts
  4. Philfys Army. Phil G, 292.5pts
  5. Your Mum, Jess, 290.5pts
  6. Zurdos, Zoe, 288.5pts
  7. Shit-Heads, Ash Sands, 285.5pts
  8. Jack in the box, Jack Daniells, 281pts
  9. Team Gwatch, Plym, 281pts
  10. Wilfred’s Wonderboys, Wilf, 281pts
  11. RAF, Roger, 279pts
  12. The Puppies, Khaled, 276pts
  13. Maestro Munters, Marcus, 273pts
  14. The Smith’s, Paul Smith, 267.5pts
  15. Shoot the Gaffer, David O, 258pts
  16. Oni City, Dixon, 252pts
  17. Dom’s Deviants, Dom, 251pts
  18. Owen’s Testices, Phil A, 251pts
  19. The Dandy Crackers, Kev, 249.5pts
  20. Dave Owen’s Groin, Rich, 247pts
  21. Sad Puppies, Steve N, 244pts
  22. FC Cunty, Charlie, 243.5pts
  23. Donkey Dicks, Steve W, 240pts
  24. Jack Offs, Jack K, 240pts
  25. Wayne’s Tigers, Wayne, 232pts
  26. Knight Riders, Knighty, 221pts
  27. Red Robbo, Dave M, 219pts
  28. Jacob Allsort, Nige W, 210pts
  29. Left foot first, Nick D, 198.5pts
  30. Aggro-Negro Sportif, Ruth, 198pts
  31. The Green Knight, Aruna, 192pts
  32. Wiley’s All Stars, JW, 185pts
  33. Mr Nice, Malcolm, 173pts
  34. Knee Bother, Jock, 130pts

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