Fantasy B Team News

In the latest results to be sent to The Webgimp the top 3 teams are:

  • Easton Orient (Chas) – 264 pts
  • Cee U Next Tuesday (Will S) – 251 pts
  • Philfys Army (Phil G) – 249 pts

And the top 3 players are:

  • Ash – 103 pts
  • Quiffey – 84.5 pts
  • Sanzo – 84 pts

Biggest mover: Charlie drops down 8 places after a” no-show” and 9 Donkey votes (-29pts!)

Dave Owen’s Report


It may come as a surprise to see Kevin Davis holding the second spot in the player’s rankings, in fact, only one person selected him for their team (no surprise then that it was Zoë).  However with the current back four remaining more-or-less un-changed for the past five games and with those games yielding four “clean sheets (1 goal or less), its no surprise that defenders are picking up points.  Of course Will Sanzo would hold the top spot if it were not for his tendency to pick up Donkey votes.


For those who need points fast it’s worth taking a look at Dixon.  Listed as a midfielder he still picks up 3 points for clean sheets (although we really ought to make an exception); but more importantly he receives a handsome 9pts a goal for being in the right place at the right time, and at an average 13 points a game is one of our highest scoring regular players.

Wild Cards

Both Simon and Adam have played only one game for the B Team, but have picked 22 and 20 points per game.  Whilst Simon has dedicated his season primarily to the casuals, and Adam has recently (having not gone to Newcastle after all) been selected for the A team, both players could be the missing link for someone looking to climb the table fast.  Another person worth a look is right midfielder Ben Rose – with one assist and two MOM votes in his first game, it is hoped that the holidays in Japan and the weekends in Wales are now over and Ben is ready to pick up his Roy Keane autobiography and fight for his place in the team…

If not got one already…

Ashley Sands….you might need him.  One of the few players to play 90mins in every game for the B team, Ash has scored seven in eight games and received a total of 15 MOM votes and only two DONKEY votes – although now people have read this, expect some sinister post match voting.

Up and Coming…

After a slow start to the season (I took him out my team) Jesse Tate is slowly climbing the table.  Yet to open his goal-scoring account, with four assists he is this seasons Mr Generosity, heck he’ll even run the line if you ask him nicely.

And finally what happened to Plym and Charlie…?

If it was not for the -20 pts associated with a Friday night let down, I know that Charlie would have been the most popular selection for the season.  As it happened about 50% of us looked elsewhere, meanwhile the other 50% took the risk, or where unawares.  So what did happen to Charlie, one week he is top of the player table and the next week he is no-where to be seen?  Well in his own words: “Alright Dave I’m really sorry about today it wasn’t meant to happen, got far too drunk and then pulled so didn’t have any sleep!  How did you lads get on?”  It wasn’t meant to happen!!!!

As for Plym it takes quite a talent to play in three games, have three clean sheets, score a goal and average only 2 points a game….

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