Castle Park

The Castle Park Town Green Application hearing is happening soon. Town Green status is being sought to stop 25% of the current area of the park being developed. It would really help the application if people can volunteer statements saying how they have used Castle Park as an open space without any attempt being made to stop them.

To do this they have to establish that it has been used “as of right, for lawful sports and pastimes” (which includes picnicking, jogging, walking the dog etc.) throughout the last 20 years. If you are willing to help please email the Webgimp and he will pass on a message. Despite a petition with 6.5 thousand signature on it, so far only one person in the whole of Bristol is brave enough to put forward a statement, it seems that people either have their heads in the sand or too scared of authority.

Visit the Castle Park campaign’s website for more details.

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