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Bristol Anfita & No Borders Benefit Gig

There is a Bristol Antifa and No Borders benifit gig on Friday 17th October 2008 at The Attic, Stokes Croft.

Enjoy the dulcet tones of The Blaggers, The Restarts, Rejected, Spanner and DJ Steak Pie.

From 8pm ’til 2pm.

Click here for more details.

Bristol Radical History Week 2008

Off With Their Heads – Assassins, Plots & Regicide

November. Yes, I know that this is substantially more than a week but that BRHG lot are simple folk. As you can tell from the title this year’s events are basically about murdering monarchs, other heads of state and sundry bigwigs.

As well as some informal yet very informative talks there are four gigs. World famous folk legend Roy Bailey (yes, he really is world famous if you are into that sort of thing) supported by Easton famous Eirlys Rhiannon (that is A-liss but the spelling bares absolutely no resemblance to the pronunciation), Robb Johnson (very famous) and the Irregulars supported by Clayton Blizzard (Patchway and Plough famous), The Surfin’ Turnips (Bristol famous) with Who’s Afear’d (Dorset famous) and Paul McCoch (Famous in his own head, I bet you can’t guess who this is… Pull My Cock… get it? No it is not the Webgimp, how dare you!), lastly Martin Maudsley and Cheese Strings (famous in story telling circles).

Other Cowboys related highlights include a talk by David Cullum and a reconstruction of King Edmund 1st getting stabbed to death in a bar brawl in Pucklechurch in 946AD.

Many of the events are free. For full details of these events, including the gigs, go to

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