New Website

Dear All

This is the new look website. It is not finished yet and not all of the pages have been moved over from the old site. Eventually everything will be here.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the the posts. Your first comment will be submitted for moderation, subsequent comments will get posted straight away. Otherwise the message board still exists.

I hope that you like the new look.



  1. Sean, you’re already up on the links page. The Webgimp is a very thorough creature. I personally witnessed several ‘touching cloth’ moments during the building of this blog, such is his commitment once he gets his teeth into something.

    The bookies had Hull at 4-1 this wekend, which I thought was very generous. Generous enough to commit five of your English pounds to Mr. Ladbrokes and collect £20 a couple of hours later.

  2. Hi all! Nice site!

  3. Hi Cowboys/girls

    Greetings from all at Bristol Wireless. We hope you enjoy your new WordPress site. 😉

  4. luverly, always nice to see a wordpress site. What about a blogroll with all your easy bristol friends (i.e us) in it.

    Sean 4 Bristol Wireless

  5. Just trying to get rid of some of the typos.

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