‘1 day without us’ demo

Date: Monday 20th February, 2017
Venue: Bristol fountains

1 Day Without Us are organising a “day of action against racism and austerity” on 20th Feb, finishing with a demo at 5:30pm at the fountains. Perhaps we could send a cowfolk delegation?


Here’s the blurb:

No to austerity and racism, yes to diversity and equality!

We are people of different nationalities who have decided to act against the climate of racism, xenophobia and nationalism fomented by government rhetoric and mainstream media in the aftermath of Brexit.
We respect social and cultural diversity and fight against all forms of racism and inequality. We also recognise that most migrants in the UK were forced to move from their countries after the destruction of these economies by the impact of trade liberalisation, economic austerity policies and the economic crisis.
The Tory government’s agenda has systematically attacked working and social rights of people. In the post-Brexit climate, there is a specific ongoing attack of the government on the EU migrants, who will be used as an asset for the negotiations of Brexit, towards a further restriction of their rights in the UK. This is added to the rise of the existing xenophobic climate in the pre- and post-Brexit period, thereby targeting all migrants. The anti-immigration rhetoric also incorporates further restrictions to migrants’ access to the welfare system, creating a divided society of first, second and third class citizens.
The scapegoating of migrants and refugees will not solve the problems faced by the UK population.

We want to act in solidarity with the British employees, students and pensioners, defending our common rights and confronting austerity and inequality.

We campaign for the following:
• Defending the working, democratic and social rights of all people living in the UK, migrants and British citizens alike
• An up-front guarantee for existing EU people in the UK to stay and work
• The free movement of people
• An end to austerity and the improvement of living standards in the whole of Europe
• No scapegoating of migrants
• No to racism, nationalism and fascism
• Equal rights for all people regardless of their origin

We call everyone to attend the national day of action “One day Without US” in solidarity with EU nationals and immigrants who work, live and study in the UK, on the 20th of February.

In Bristol from 12.00 in the Foutnains with multicultural art performances and food and at 17.30 for a demo

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