European Championships

With the sun shining in the sky, and Saturday being the end of the domestic football season, summer is definitely here. With the start of summer comes the European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine and with England under the new management of Roy Hodgson and his first game as England manager this weekend against Norway as well as other friendly’s taking place over the world this weekend it is a good time to look at the form of the teams taking part of the Euro’s.

The Euro’s give us the perfect opportunity to have a fundraiser for our tournament that takes place on August Bank Holiday Weekend at Berrow, Somerset. The predictor score will cost £5 and half the money will be donated to the tournament and the other half will be used as prize money for the lucky winners. The forms are attached to this email and should be completed and emailed to me at as soon as possible, I will arrange collection of the money from any entrants.

As it stands with 14 days to go there have been 20 entry’s (big thanks to those who have already entered) but more entry’s are needed to make this a success so I appeal to all Cowfolks get yourselves predicting and enter the predictor score. If you are not really interested in football it may generate a bit of interest as the country gets swept up in Euro fever you can follow your results and with Wales not qualifying (again, I am used to it now) it will generate a bit of interest in the tournament for me as I can watch games and actually have someone to support. Updates of the standings will be sent out by email after the completion of each round of games.

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