May Park Wood

Keep May Park Wood open!

May Park Wood (in the corner of Rosemary Green behind May Park School) is a small woodland which was planted by local people and their children during the 1990s for shared use by the school and the local community. It is much loved by local people and visited every day of the year.

May Park School has announced its intention to close the Wood to the public next month and keep it for the exclusive use of the school and organised groups.

We want local school children to spend more time in the wood for education and play, but believe this is possible without closing the wood. We ask the school to postpone its plans and enter into proper
discussion with local people about alternative schemes that would allow continued public access to the wood and be more in keeping with the original intentions of the people who planted it.

Public event in May Park Wood Saturday 5th February at 11am.

Please join us to celebrate the wood and discuss the future. Bring tea/coffee/cake, and/or share ours!

We would especially like to hear from you if you remember the area before the woodland was planted.

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