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Easton Cowboys Friendly XI lost to Wrington Yute. Yet another master-class in sports writing, this time by Alan. He reports thus:

cowboys won toss and put the yute into bat. they started rather hesitantly, never looking entirely comfortable despite being confronted by some friendly bowling. as we have no score-sheet for game, further details will have to be vaguely nutshelled. here goes . . .

everyone got a bowl (except angelo at his own request). some were better than others. 2 individuals were granted 3 overs : eddie bridges – having arrived late and nursing a broken toe – bowled some nice balls and some not so nice balls. jimmy pitcher attemptied to crystallise his swinger credentials, and almost did. other notable bowling was provided by trevor forrest. upon donning the whites he miraculously transforms into a living anachronism, resembling a gentleman from crickets long gone golden age. evan “elpus” gibbon bowled some mind boggling spin. it has since been reported that the “fizz” from the seam was heard in a neighbouring county.

they ended up with 100-odd for a finite number of wickets.

the cowboys spell with the willow had its ups and downs. starting with a down. reg got bowled first ball. he later compared this to a boxer being knocked out in the first round. thats just gots to hoit!! alana cuthill struggled to get bat on ball. angelo silenced the continual rabble of the excitable yute by blatting the ball into a nearby tennis court. with 6 or so overs remaining they attempted to fulfill the 7 or so required run rate per over, but alas the consistently tight bowling served up by the infuriating little blighters proved a bridge too far.

cowboys lost by about 5 runs.

other notable points of interest : duncans lad fenn played his very first game for the cowboys. he fielded gracefully with confidence. he is giving a masterclass at gordon road, 1900hrs 29th june 2010. another interesting occurence was the greco-roman wrestling match which spontaneously came about as the ball, having left the batsmans wand, travelled between ben salt at 1st slip and angelo keeping. ben came out on top clutching said ball as a blacksmith does his hammer – forcefully, with aplumb. nobody was injured in the flailing maelstrom.

all in all, a very pleasant evenings cricket in the splendid north somerset countryside was had by all. well, apart from poor old reg who disappeared shortly after being dismissed for a golden. doh!

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  1. Well said/written Al.
    We can get scorecard for posterity from the yutes dad’s, it was a right royal dog’s dinner though.
    P.S. I got one more wicket than Reg faced deliveries. Fenn really enjoyed himself despite a display of faultless near silent understatement as is his wont.

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